Grayscale is a luxury boutique fashion house specializing in evening wear, suiting, and outerwear. Blended with the ability to consult on the overall image & appeal to the well-dressed, Grayscale carves out a distinctive niche at the intersection of what you feel and what others perceive. Founded in 2014 as a styling service, Grayscale has evolved to offer a refreshing lens of what designing and styling look like in one convenient location. Trained in Paris, France for design, and Los Angeles for styling, Grayscale felt it was only right to put down roots and manufacture out of LA where the Founder and CEO, BJ Gray Hails from. Having Hollywood as a residence has been very beneficial for the brand; Grayscale has been spotted on a plethora of celebrities, professional athletes, and media outlets best dressed lists! With the Spring 2019 launch of the women’s division, Grayscale will continue its trajectory to emerge as a premier luxury fashion house. Welcome to the next generation of Haberdashery, welcome to Grayscale. 

Grayscale - life is more than black and white